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Avoiding auto accidents when sharing the road with teen drivers

While car accidents can happen during any time of year, they are especially prevalent during the summer months. There are more travelers on the road during the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and many of these are young drivers. The combination of summer vacation, inexperienced Delaware drivers and increased travel can be a combination that results in more fatal auto accidents.

Advice for How to Handle a Slip and Fall Accident

When people go out for work, visit a loved one, or run errands, the last thing they probably anticipate is slipping or tripping and then falling onto the ground. The injuries of hitting the floor or pavement can do serious damage on the human body. A person may suffer from mild cuts and bruises, to more critical conditions like a traumatic brain injury. In some cases, an individual or entity may have had an influence in the accident happening. So, those who have slipped and fallen may want to know what their options are in seeking compensation from the party at-fault for their injuries, damages and other losses.

Reducing workplace injuries due to fire hazards in construction

Delaware construction workers face unique challenges every day when they are at work. From electrical hazards to moving equipment, there are many things that can increase the chance of an accident. This also includes fire hazards. There are specific steps employers can take to reduce the number of workplace injuries caused by fire risks on construction sites. 

Dog bites in Delaware: should we be focused on breed?

Few things are as scary as being attacked (or seeing a loved one being attacked) by an aggressive animal. It is even more frightening when it happens in your own neighborhood and the attacking animal is someone else’s pet. Yet each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are severely injured by dog bites and attacks.

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