Protecting Senior Citizens Against Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

You want the best for your parents and loved ones as they age. When they can no longer live independently, you want a Delaware assisted living facility or nursing home that treats them well and takes good care of their needs.

That’s why it can be devastating to learn your loved ones aren’t getting the care they deserve. We help people pursue justice after they’ve experienced issues with the care of an elder.

Pratcher Krayer LLC understands the pain that elder neglect causes not only to the individual, but also to their entire family. That’s why our lawyers passionately stand up for victims of neglect or abuse.

Recognizing Signs Of Neglect

When you entrust a loved one to someone else, you expect them to meet a certain level of care. They are supposed to be professionals, who are skilled at allowing people to age gracefully and in comfort.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In order to help aging loved ones avoid nursing home negligence, you need to be able to spot symptoms. Here are a few of the signs that a care facility isn’t meeting their obligations:


Elders who are less mobile may need help getting up and about. Too much time in the same position means a strong possibility of bedsores. If you see sores appearing on someone, chances are they aren’t getting the attention they need.

Infrequent communication

Many assisted living facilities will send out periodic updates on residents. These updates typically detail trips they’ve taken or available activities. It’s how facilities keep family members informed. If you get infrequent updates or none at all, it may be a sign the facility is struggling to provide adequate care.

Missed medications

If your loved one begins to behave erratically or have health problems, they might not be receiving the medications they need. If the assisted living facility fails to consistently administer medication, this is a serious form of neglect.


Poor diets can cause weight gain and fatigue. If a facility is relying on nutrient-poor foods like junk food, residents may look well-fed but still miss out on important nutrition provided by a balanced diet.

Knowing the possible signs of neglect can help you protect loved ones from being subjected to them.

Fierce Advocates For Elders’ Rights

At Pratcher Krayer LLC, our attorneys understand the respect and care elders deserve. We know that facilities have a duty to provide their residents a place to age comfortably and with dignity.

If they neglect this duty, we won’t stop until they compensate the victims. Call us today at 302-566-1796 or email now to schedule a free consultation.