Using new technologies and materials in flooring to prevent slips

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2024 | Personal Injury |

The construction and flooring industries have recently introduced new materials and technologies to help prevent slip and fall accidents. These innovations are making floors safer in both homes and public places.

Business owners need to stay up on these advances to help minimize the risk of accidents and legal issues.

Non-slip flooring solutions

Many manufacturers now make flooring with special additives to help you keep your footing. For example, some tiles have a textured surface that helps prevent slips, especially when they are wet. Vinyl flooring has also improved; it now includes materials like quartz and resin to create a rougher surface that looks good and reduces slip risks in damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Smart flooring technologies

There are also smart flooring systems that can tell when someone is about to fall. These floors have sensors that can alert the building’s managers or turn on lights to help prevent a fall.

Eco-friendly and safe

Many of these new flooring materials are also good for the environment. Companies use sustainable materials that not only make floors safer but also help the planet. For example, some companies recycle old rubber tires into flooring that offers excellent slip resistance and helps reduce waste.

Implications for liability and safety

Using safer flooring materials can also help property owners reduce their legal risks by showing they care about safety. This is especially important in places like stores or restaurants where people expect the floors to be safe.

These new flooring options are great for preventing the injuries that often come from slipping and falling. As these technologies become more common, they could make our living and working spaces much safer for everyone.