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Workplace injuries decreasing, but may be on the rise again soon

Delaware employees of all types have the right to a reasonable expectation of safety when they go to work, even if they are employed in high-risk occupations. Thankfully, the number of workplace injuries has been decreasing across the country, even though there have been many changes in the average workplace. Despite these changes, work-related accidents and injuries have not increased as expected.

Many auto accidents may be the result of higher speed limits

Several decades ago, the speed limit on most highways and interstates was 55 mph. In comparison to today's interstate speed limits averaging from 70 to 80 mph, that may seem very slow to many Delware drivers. However, there is evidence that suggests that the slow increase in speed limits across the country over the last few decades is directly related to a rise in the number of serious or fatal auto accidents. 

Reasons for medical malpractice claims involving children

It can be devastating for a Delaware family to realize their child suffered as a result of a medical error. Doctors and other types of health care professionals are supposed to provide quality care and support for their patients, and patients can suffer serious harm from mistakes such as misdiagnosis. Failure to properly diagnose is one of the leading reasons for medical malpractice claims that involve minors.

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