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Fatal car accidents on the rise in Delaware

Recent statistics regarding traffic collisions in Delaware indicate that the number of these events, specifically those involving a fatality, are on the rise. Law enforcement has recently said that fatal car accidents across the state are increasing. While there are many reasons why car crashes happen, it is likely that distracted driving plays a significant role in this unfortunate trend.

Nursing home neglect causes physical and emotional injuries

Realizing that it is time to place a loved one in a nursing home is hard. You and your family might have tried to care for a parent or grandparent at home for as long as possible, but you could not provide the specialized care that he or she needed. You probably took great care choosing what you thought was the right facility. Unfortunately, it can be impossible to predict where nursing home neglect or abuse might take place.

Distracted pedestrians can increase the chance of auto accidents

When a person is not paying attention to the road while he or she is behind the wheel, it can make it more likely that he or she will be in a car accident. The same principle applies to pedestrians who are distracted while walking. Any time a person is looking at a phone, that person will pay less attention to what is going on around him or her. In cases where a person is walking near moving vehicles while texting, it can make it more likely that auto accidents will occur. 


Pratcher Krayer, LLC is pleased to announce that Attorneys Nicholas M. Krayer and Samuel D. Pratcher, III were recently recognized as "Top Lawyers" by Delaware Today magazine.

Increased safety lowers risk of workers' compensation incidents

There are many things that can place Delaware employees at risk when they are at their place of work. Regardless of the specific type of job, having safety procedures and standards in place are crucial, and employers bear the responsibility of making these things a priority. An increased awareness of safety concerns can lower the chance of workers' compensation incidents.

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