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Workers' compensation for workers experiencing hearing loss

Depending on the nature of a person's job, he or she may face certain risks when at work. Sometimes, this is the risk of an accident or other things that may cause a physical injury. In other cases, it may be the risk of becoming ill due to occupational exposure. Certain Delaware workers may face the risk of hearing loss because of their work, which could be grounds for a workers' compensation claim. 

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tens of millions of workers face the risk of hearing loss at work because of dangerous noise levels. Often, the noise levels that could potentially damage a person's hearing are actually lower than what many people think is too loud. This means it is possible workers who should be wearing hearing protection may not think they need it.

Fatal car accidents on the rise in Delaware

Recent statistics regarding traffic collisions in Delaware indicate that the number of these events, specifically those involving a fatality, are on the rise. Law enforcement has recently said that fatal car accidents across the state are increasing. While there are many reasons why car crashes happen, it is likely that distracted driving plays a significant role in this unfortunate trend.

Distracted driving is a significant safety threat for all motorists. It encompasses a number of dangerous behaviors, including looking at a cellphone, eating, talking to a passenger or inputting information into a GPS. Any time a person is looking at something other than the road or doing something other than focusing on the task at hand, it can increase the chance of a collision.

Nursing home neglect causes physical and emotional injuries

Realizing that it is time to place a loved one in a nursing home is hard. You and your family might have tried to care for a parent or grandparent at home for as long as possible, but you could not provide the specialized care that he or she needed. You probably took great care choosing what you thought was the right facility. Unfortunately, it can be impossible to predict where nursing home neglect or abuse might take place.

Abuse and neglect can have a devastating impact on a nursing home resident. These individuals are usually already in vulnerable positions and may be suffering from one or more chronic illnesses. If this is what happened to your loved one, you know just how important it is to help them get the compensation they need. To successfully do this, you will need to prove that the nursing home's conduct caused suffering or losses.

Distracted pedestrians can increase the chance of auto accidents

When a person is not paying attention to the road while he or she is behind the wheel, it can make it more likely that he or she will be in a car accident. The same principle applies to pedestrians who are distracted while walking. Any time a person is looking at a phone, that person will pay less attention to what is going on around him or her. In cases where a person is walking near moving vehicles while texting, it can make it more likely that auto accidents will occur. 

Estimates suggest that around 11,000 people suffered injuries in the years between 2000 and 2011 because they were texting while they were walking. People may think that since they are not behind the wheel of a moving vehicle that texting and walking isn't dangerous or risky, but statistics indicate that's not the case. Whether they are inside a car or out, people frequently overestimate their ability to multitask.

Increased safety lowers risk of workers' compensation incidents

There are many things that can place Delaware employees at risk when they are at their place of work. Regardless of the specific type of job, having safety procedures and standards in place are crucial, and employers bear the responsibility of making these things a priority. An increased awareness of safety concerns can lower the chance of workers' compensation incidents.

It is a time of year when many different types of employers start looking forward to and preparing for the holiday season. Companies that see increased business during this time of year may want to think about ways they can reduce workplace injuries during this busy season. There is often an increase of certain types of injuries during the holiday season, especially those who have to deliver packages, lift heavy objects and engage in physical labor.

Falls remain leading reason for workers' compensation incidents

When a Delaware worker clocks in, he or she has the right to a reasonable expectation of safety while at work. Employers have the responsibility of making sure that workers have the equipment and training necessary to complete their jobs. One of the main reasons for workers' compensation incidents on jobsites of all kinds is falling from heights. 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, fall protection is one of the leading safety violations. Many preventable injuries and fatalities take place on jobsites every year, and simply implementing and enforcing safety measures can make a significant difference. Of the top 10 safety violations listed by the organization, failing to meet general requirements for fall protection is number one. OSHA statistics indicate there are over 6,000 fall-related safety violations every year.

Running through red lights is a leading cause of auto accidents

The choices that people make behind the wheel matter. If a Delaware driver is reckless or negligent, it can affect other people by causing accidents that may result in injuries or even death. Each person behind the wheel has an obligation to be vigilant and attentive, especially while they are driving through intersections. Drivers running through red lights is a common cause of auto accidents, and they are often fatal.

According to information released by AAA, there are more fatal accidents from running red lights than at any other time. In fact, the number of these incidents is up by almost 30% from just five years ago. In 2017, 939 people died in accidents caused by a person driving through a red light. These numbers suggest that drivers may be getting more reckless and more dangerous, and it may all be because of distraction.

Can you receive workers' comp after a job-related injury?

No Delaware worker wants to end up injured as a result of work-related duties. Of course, you and any other worker could suffer injuries in almost any line of work. If you are involved in an on-the-job accident that leaves you injured, you may have numerous questions about what will happen next.

Your first priority should be to receive medical attention for any injuries you suffered. You may balk at the idea of going to the hospital at first because such visits can be costly, even with insurance, but receiving treatment is in your best interests. Fortunately, when it comes to handling the costs of that treatment, workers' compensation may be able to help.

Why are car accidents more common now that ever before?

Cars are safer than ever before, and the increase of certain in-car features, such as automatic braking, has made it possible for vehicles to keep people safe when they make mistakes. Despite technology and safer, better built vehicles, car accidents are still happening at an alarming rate. In fact, these incidents are becoming more commonplace in Delaware and across the United States.

People are very connected with the idea of the open road and driving themselves from place to place. Even with public transportation available in many areas, many drivers still prefer to have an element of control over when and how they arrive at their destinations. There are more drivers on the road now, and this could play a significant role in the number of car accidents that happen.

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