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Car accidents involving cyclists often result in serious injuries

When a moving vehicle collides with a bicycle, it often results in serious or painful injuries. People on bikes are completely vulnerable to the force, size and weight of any type of vehicle, even when wearing helmets and other types of protective gear. A recent motor vehicle collision with a Delaware cyclist illustrates how dangerous these car accidents can be. 

The accident occurred when a woman behind the wheel of a Chrysler PT Cruiser struck a man who was riding a bicycle. The force of the collision threw the man from his bicycle, and he ended up with serious injuries. He was taken from the scene of the accident to the hospital. Law enforcement personnel do not believe the woman was impaired at the time she caused the accident.

Do we really need to make a big deal bout a dent?

It's a scenario nearly as old as the automobile itself: A fender-bender occurs and the drivers of the vehicles step out to take a look at the damage. It appears that everyone is physically okay, so the conversation quickly turns to the condition of the vehicles involved in the mishap. 

Some version of the following is inevitably stated by one of the parties: 

  • "Do we really need to get the police involved?"
  • "Do we really need to get the insurance companies involved?"
  • "Do we really need to get lawyers involved?"

What six things should you do after a car accident?

In Delaware, there are nearly 700,000 licensed drivers driving over 900,000 vehicles and driving an estimated 10,151,000,000 miles around the state every year. With this many people navigating the roads, it is not hard to believe that the most recent report on driving statistics shows there were 26,453 traffic accidents over one calendar year.

With statistics like this, if you drive often enough, you will likely at some point be involved in a traffic accident. Whether it is a small fender bender or a more serious crash that involves injuries, it is important to know what to do following an accident. Here are a few key things you should do following an accident to protect yourself.

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