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Running through red lights is a leading cause of auto accidents

The choices that people make behind the wheel matter. If a Delaware driver is reckless or negligent, it can affect other people by causing accidents that may result in injuries or even death. Each person behind the wheel has an obligation to be vigilant and attentive, especially while they are driving through intersections. Drivers running through red lights is a common cause of auto accidents, and they are often fatal.

According to information released by AAA, there are more fatal accidents from running red lights than at any other time. In fact, the number of these incidents is up by almost 30% from just five years ago. In 2017, 939 people died in accidents caused by a person driving through a red light. These numbers suggest that drivers may be getting more reckless and more dangerous, and it may all be because of distraction.

Can you receive workers' comp after a job-related injury?

No Delaware worker wants to end up injured as a result of work-related duties. Of course, you and any other worker could suffer injuries in almost any line of work. If you are involved in an on-the-job accident that leaves you injured, you may have numerous questions about what will happen next.

Your first priority should be to receive medical attention for any injuries you suffered. You may balk at the idea of going to the hospital at first because such visits can be costly, even with insurance, but receiving treatment is in your best interests. Fortunately, when it comes to handling the costs of that treatment, workers' compensation may be able to help.

Why are car accidents more common now that ever before?

Cars are safer than ever before, and the increase of certain in-car features, such as automatic braking, has made it possible for vehicles to keep people safe when they make mistakes. Despite technology and safer, better built vehicles, car accidents are still happening at an alarming rate. In fact, these incidents are becoming more commonplace in Delaware and across the United States.

People are very connected with the idea of the open road and driving themselves from place to place. Even with public transportation available in many areas, many drivers still prefer to have an element of control over when and how they arrive at their destinations. There are more drivers on the road now, and this could play a significant role in the number of car accidents that happen.

Truck accidents and undiagnosed medical conditions

Delaware truck drivers are the behind the wheel of vehicles that are larger and heavier than other types of vehicles on the road. It is important for these men and women to be cautious and careful, as even one small mistake can result in truck accidents with terrible consequences. While human error is the reason for many of these types of collisions, some medical conditions may also be to blame.

Sleep apnea is a fairly common disorder that can impact how a person sleeps, which in turn leads to fatigue and the potential for other medical complications. A recent study looked at sleep apnea and what it could mean for the trucking industry. Ultimately, it is very dangerous for truck drivers if left undiagnosed or untreated.

Some vision problems can make auto accidents more likely

When a person cannot see the road clearly, it is reasonable to assume that person may have a more difficult time driving safely and avoiding hazards. In fact, certain data suggests that Delaware drivers with glaucoma may be more likely to be involved in auto accidents. This is an issue that is especially concerning for drivers over the age of 60.

Glaucoma is a condition that can actually lead to vision loss, specifically side vision. Obviously, a person with compromised vision will have a difficult time driving, especially in bad weather, at night and during times when visibility is lower. It is the responsibility of each person with glaucoma and other conditions to know their limitations and avoid driving at times when they are unable to do so safely. 

Renewed proposal to reduce truck accidents through speed control

Earlier this year, a trucking safety advocacy group requested that the federal government require tractor-trailers to use speed restrictors. That request was recently acted upon by two senators, one of whom represents Delaware, who have introduced the bill to Congress. It is hoped that speed restictors will reduce serious truck accidents.  

The Cullum Owings Large Truck Safe Operating Speed Act of 2019, calls for all new trucks 26,000 pounds or larger,  to be equipped with speed restrictors set to 65-mph. The bill does not require that the devices be retroactive to older vehicles. Several of the major carriers in the country, such as Knight-Swift and J.B. Hunt, support the measure and the Trucking Alliance director expressed confidence that the bill could reduce deadly crashes, which resulted in an estimated 140,000 victims either injured or killed in 2018.

Understanding the scope of the texting and driving problem

Whether you live here in Delaware or somewhere else in the country, you know that texting while driving increases the potential for accidents, but the problem is actually much worse than that. If you text while behind the wheel, you increase your risk of crashing by 23 times.

Even though the general consensus is that texting and driving is dangerous, many people continue to do it, even those who say it's dangerous. Knowing more about the problem could deter more drivers from doing it. Teenagers are particularly at risk due to the combination of distraction and inexperience behind the wheel.

How driver behavior affects rates of auto accidents

One of the main reasons that traffic accidents happen is because drivers are not paying attention or they make a mistake while behind the wheel. One type of behavior that could impact the rate of auto accidents is zombie driving, which happens when a driver arrives at his or her destination with no recollection of what happened on the way there. When polled, over half of all drivers say they often feel like they are on autopilot when behind the wheel.

Other drivers admit to zoning out while they are behind the wheel, even multiple times per week. These numbers could indicate a rise in a troubling trend of tired or inattentive driving. In many cases, the things that cause Delaware drivers to do this are driving on familiar roads, having a lot of things on their minds and driving while tired. Cognitive distraction, which is mental distraction, can be just as dangerous as texting or scrolling social media while behind the wheel. 

Technology is helping lower the number of auto accidents

Even the most experienced of drivers will make mistakes from time to time, and sometimes, those mistakes can lead to accidents. In addition to simple driver error, other reasons for auto accidents include distracted driving, speeding, recklessness and drunk driving. While auto makers cannot control the behavior of drivers, they are working to implement technology in newer vehicles that can help Delaware drivers stay safe. 

Through various types of driver alert systems, car manufacturers are making vehicles with the capability of altering drivers when there is a potential hazard. Some of these systems include things like backup cameras, crash avoidance alerts and notifications when there is something in the blind spot that the driver may not see. There is evidence that these things have been successful in reducing accidents. 

Nursing-home abuse: Recognize the signs

Relocating an elderly parent to a nursing home or other long-term care facility is always a difficult decision. But often, when your parent can no longer care for themselves and you cannot provide adequate care, it’s in their best interest.

When you choose a nursing home for your parent, you expect the staff there will care for them with all the respect and dignity they deserve. But a new report released by the U.S. Senate shows a shocking number of nursing homes providing subpar care. When your parent is in a nursing home, you are their best advocate. That’s why it’s so important to know the signs that show abuse is taking place.

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