Reducing workplace injuries due to fire hazards in construction

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Delaware construction workers face unique challenges every day when they are at work. From electrical hazards to moving equipment, there are many things that can increase the chance of an accident. This also includes fire hazards. There are specific steps employers can take to reduce the number of workplace injuries caused by fire risks on construction sites. 

Every year, there are thousands of fires in buildings that are currently under construction. A closer look at the high rate of fires on various types of construction sites found that there was a distinct need to update codes and enforce them, specifically those related to potential ignition sources. It may also help for construction companies to work closely with fire departments, getting the information they need to keep workers as safe as possible on specific types of job sites.

One suggestion for improving fire safety includes having a fire safety plan for each and every construction project. It may also help to appoint a person to act specifically in a fire watch role, monitoring the entire site for potential hazards. Fire safety is something that pertains to each person on a construction site, and it remains one of the most pressing responsibilities of site managers and construction company owners. 

Fires on construction sites are some of the most significant dangers faced by Delaware construction workers. If a person suffered workplace injuries as a result of a fire or other hazard, that individual has the right to seek support through a workers’ compensation claim. An injured worker may find benefit in seeking assistance as he or she navigates the claims process.