Strong Representation For Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Falls are more than embarrassing, they can cause major injuries. These accidents are all too common, in Delaware and nationwide. A fall can lead to missed work and expensive medical bills. Don’t let a negligent property owner or business set your life back.

Pratcher Krayer LLC is a strong advocate for victims of slip-and-fall accidents across the state of Delaware. We know how much fall injuries can impact every part of your life. Our attorneys are tireless advocates for injury victims and will fight for you.

Holding Businesses Accountable After Preventable Injuries

Many times when a person falls, an accident could have easily been avoided. Pratcher Krayer LLC works hard to hold negligent business and property owners accountable for preventable injuries. We understand what makes a good case. A few of the things we help with are:

Premises liability Our lawyers can help you determine whether a negligent property owner was responsible for your injury. Things like loose steps, unsecured handrails or wet floors are all preventable hazards. Uncleared snow and ice in the winter are also obstacles that can be prevented.

Settlements We’ve spent a lot of time negotiating with insurance companies. This means we recognize when a settlement offer is fair to you and your situation. If you do not get a fair settlement offer, we won’t hesitate to take your case to trial.

Medical reimbursement Insurance companies can sometimes leave medical costs off their claim. We make sure all your expenses are taken into account, from time off of work to physical therapy and everything in between. We know how much an unexpected injury can affect all aspects of your life, and we fight for you.

Pratcher Krayer LLC fights for fall injury victims. We know the methods used by insurance agencies, and we know when you’re being treated unfairly.

Fighting For You Against Big Insurance Companies

Insurance companies make money by paying out the smallest amount in claims as they can get away with. We make sure that you aren’t one of the many people who accepts a substandard claim offer.

Our lawyers are passionate about injury victims’ rights and will fight for yours after a slip or fall injury. Call us today at 302-566-1796 to schedule a free consultation or email us now to see how we can help.