Our Attorneys Fight For Truck Accident Victims

The consequences, pain and bills an accident could bring to an injury victim are always unexpected and sometimes catastrophic. However, truck accident victims may be even more prone to suffering life-changing injuries and damages. After all the losses, pain and suffering, and psychological trauma, it is unfair that a victim pay for their own bills.

At Pratcher Krayer LLC, our lawyers understand the stress and challenges you and your loved ones may be experiencing after a truck accident. In our law firm in Delaware, our truck accident attorneys work tenaciously to obtain the fair compensation and justice our injury clients deserve. Our commitment will be the same with you: we will fight for you, so you can focus on your welfare and your loved ones.

Determining Whether You Have A Case

Your truck accident case is unique. Therefore, we dedicate time and effort to understanding the facts and circumstances of your case from our very first meeting. Our attorneys will provide you with the certainty you need by learning how we can help you and advocate for your best interests.

Truck accidents are more complex than car accidents since they involve a trucking company, and the potential damages experienced could be more significant. When we discuss your case, we will analyze:

  • Who was at fault (for example, the truck driver, trucking company, tractor trailer manufacturer)
  • The trucking company’s extent of liability in creating the unsafe conditions that led to the accident
  • Your injuries to calculate an estimate of the compensation you should receive to cover your present and future needs resulting from your accident

Having a skilled personal injury lawyer to discuss your case with the insurance company can be beneficial in obtaining and maximizing your compensation. As your attorneys, our goal is to help you get the financial resources you need, either through negotiation or the courts.

We also represent the rights and best interests of surviving family members who have lost a loved one to a third party’s negligence. Although we know that no sum of money can bring back your loved one, it may be the foundation to rebuild your life and cover your losses.

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