What are attractive nuisances and how can I prevent them?

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When young children are on your property, accidents may happen in the blink of an eye.

Incidents involving attractive nuisances often result in slip and fall injuries.


According to FindLaw, an attractive nuisance is a dangerous area or item on your property that children may feel especially enticed to use. Pools, certain machines, wells and types of scaffolding all count as nuisances if you do not properly take proper precautions.

Since young children do not have the same reasoning skills as adults, it is your special responsibility to take measures to protect any minors on your land.

Water features

Most man-made features on a piece of land do fall under your responsibility for preventing dangerous nuisances. Swimming pools should be carefully monitored at all times, along with any fountains or other bodies of water.

Children can easily drown in an unsecured area that does not have a gate or latch to stop them from entering. Keeping safety items near the water, such as a life ring, can help prevent drownings.

Equipment and projects

Common types of machinery, such as lawn care items like mowers, can also lead to injuries. Tree houses, swings and tunnels can lead to falls or broken bones. Installing alarms can help you notice if children stray too close to these areas.

Construction areas also tend to draw curious children in. Making sure to mark any holes in the floor or unfinished scaffolding areas can reduce the temptation for children to climb on the construction. Completely turning off your power tools after you finish working also helps prevent sudden injuries.