Fatal car accidents on the rise in Delaware

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2019 | Auto Accidents |

Recent statistics regarding traffic collisions in Delaware indicate that the number of these events, specifically those involving a fatality, are on the rise. Law enforcement has recently said that fatal car accidents across the state are increasing. While there are many reasons why car crashes happen, it is likely that distracted driving plays a significant role in this unfortunate trend.

Distracted driving is a significant safety threat for all motorists. It encompasses a number of dangerous behaviors, including looking at a cellphone, eating, talking to a passenger or inputting information into a GPS. Any time a person is looking at something other than the road or doing something other than focusing on the task at hand, it can increase the chance of a collision.

In addition to distracted driving causing more accidents in Delaware, authorities point out that other types of dangerous driving habits and behaviors could also be to blame. This includes speeding, drunk driving, reckless driving and more. They note that it’s important for drivers to avoid following too closely, focus on the road and remain attentive to the actions of other people on the road at the same time.

Many fatal car accidents are the result of inattentive or reckless driving. Loved ones left behind after the loss of a family member may not be sure how to pick up the pieces, but it may be an option to pursue financial relief through a wrongful death claim. State law allows for victims to seek legal recourse through the civil justice system, and an evaluation of the case can reveal if this is a viable option.