Reasons for medical malpractice claims involving children

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2019 | Personal Injury |

It can be devastating for a Delaware family to realize their child suffered as a result of a medical error. Doctors and other types of health care professionals are supposed to provide quality care and support for their patients, and patients can suffer serious harm from mistakes such as misdiagnosis. Failure to properly diagnose is one of the leading reasons for medical malpractice claims that involve minors.

One of the most important duties a doctor has is to carefully and thoroughly assess a patient, including ordering necessary diagnostic tests. Misdiagnosis is a significant issue when caring for children, largely because of failure to adequately assess the symptoms of a patient. It is the leading reason listed in malpractice claims involving children from infancy up to 17 years.  

In a significant portion of malpractice claims, the doctor’s failure to properly communicate with the parents and children played a role in a failed diagnosis. Talking with the patient or family is an important way to understand the medical issues at hand and develop a care plan that will suit the individual needs of child. Doctors also have a duty to carefully communicate with parents about their kid’s diagnosis, including what to do when they get home and signs of distress they should look for.

A medical malpractice claim is an appropriate course of action for Delaware families who are dealing with the fallout from a misdiagnosis. Parents have the right to act on behalf of their children, holding responsible parties accountable for medical mistakes and lack of quality care. A parent may want to learn more about this option by seeking an evaluation of the individual case.