Can dashcam videos be used in court?

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Dashcams, or dashboard cameras, are popular among drivers. These devices record video of the road ahead and sometimes the inside of the car. They are helpful in many situations, especially car accidents. Knowing the benefits of dashcam footage is important for injured people seeking justice.

How dashcams provide valuable evidence

Dashcams act as unbiased witnesses in car accidents. Although witnesses often mean well, their memory can be unreliable. This makes it difficult for the parties involved to have accurate information for car accident claims. On the other hand, dashcams show clear and consistent footage of events. This video can be crucial in proving who was at fault in an accident.

Dashcams can:

  • Show accidents clearly: Dashcam footage captures the exact moment of impact. They also show vehicle position and external factors like weather or road conditions.
  • Record the immediate aftermath: Dashcams capture the reactions and behavior of involved parties. This may help in assessing fault or recklessness.
  • Support other evidence: Dashcam recordings back up other evidence. They capture police reports, witness statements, and physical evidence from the accident scene.

Admissibility of dashcam footage

In Delaware, dashcam footage is usually allowed in court as evidence. However, it has to meet certain criteria.

The footage must be relevant. It must directly relate to the accident and give insight into what happened. The footage also has to be real and unaltered. There should be proper documentation and a clear chain of custody. If the dashcam records audio, all parties involved must have agreed to the recording. Otherwise, the court may not allow the audio as evidence.

Making the most of dashcam evidence

Dashcams can play a big role in car accident claims. By giving a clear picture of what happened before and after a crash, injured parties can benefit. Dashcam footage allows those injured in an accident to receive appropriate compensation. Making the most of dashcam evidence helps them build a strong case and achieve a fair outcome.