Delaware’s top 5 risky jobs for occupational hazards

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Delaware witnesses its fair share of workplace injuries, with certain jobs carrying a higher risk and leading to frequent worker’s compensation claims. Worker’s comp insurance should pay for specific damages when workers sustain on-the-job injuries.

Explore Delaware’s top five most dangerous occupations and the types of injuries typically associated with each.

1. Construction workers

Construction, vital for Delaware’s growth, is also one of its riskiest professions. Frequent injuries involve falls from heights, such as scaffolding or ladders, resulting in fractures and head injuries. Heavy machinery accidents or falling objects can lead to severe injuries like crushed bones or concussions.

2. Healthcare professionals

Healthcare jobs can be risky. While indispensable, healthcare professionals often face workplace hazards. Common injuries include needle sticks, patient handling issues and exposure to infectious diseases. Nurses and aides may suffer back strains or sprains from lifting patients. Exposure to diseases is also a concern, risking the health of those who care for us.

3. Manufacturing industry

Jobs in manufacturing have their dangers. Workers operating heavy machinery risk crush injuries, amputations and lacerations. Exposure to hazardous materials can lead to respiratory issues, skin conditions or long-term health problems.

4. Transportation and delivery workers

Professionals in transportation and delivery face daily risks on Delaware’s roads. Accidents involving trucks or delivery vehicles can result in severe injuries like fractures, whiplash or traumatic brain injuries. Repetitive strain injuries from constant driving and loading/unloading tasks are also common.

5. Agricultural workers

Agricultural jobs come with their own hazards. Using machinery, like tractors, can lead to serious injuries. Exposure to pesticides or chemicals might cause breathing or skin issues. Strenuous work can lead to muscle problems or heat-related illnesses.

Preventing workplace injuries

A report released in 2023 detailed statistics for worker’s compensation for the years 2018-2020 in Delaware. It revealed that the average number of office visits required for worker’s comp recipients was 12, and 25% of claimants underwent at least one surgery.

Even though these jobs have risks, there are ways to stay safe. Training, using safety gear and checking for safety regularly help. Both employers and workers play a big role in making sure these jobs are safer for everyone.