4 workplace injury trends

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

In the dynamic landscape of workplaces, trends in injuries constantly evolve, necessitating a keen understanding of emerging challenges.

Examining current patterns sheds light on potential areas for improvement and preventive measures.

1. Remote work-related strain

As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, a new trend emerging is musculoskeletal issues related to prolonged computer use. With employees spending extended hours in front of screens, ergonomic concerns grow. Strained eyes, stiff necks and back problems are on the rise. Employers are now tasked with ensuring that employees’ home workstations adhere to ergonomic standards.

2. Mental health struggles

Beyond physical injuries, the workplace is witnessing a surge in mental health challenges. The blurred lines between professional and personal life in remote work setups contribute to heightened stress levels. Employees grapple with increased anxiety, burnout and feelings of isolation.

3. Technology-induced injuries

The integration of advanced technologies into workplaces brings forth a unique set of challenges. Increased reliance on digital tools created a spike in technology-induced injuries. Repetitive strain injuries, commonly associated with continuous mouse and keyboard use, are now joined by issues such as text neck from excessive smartphone use.

4. Inadequate training and onboarding

Insufficient training and onboarding processes contribute to an alarming trend in workplace injuries. Employees who are not adequately trained on equipment operation or safety protocols may inadvertently put themselves at risk.

While one hopes to not experience a workplace injury, employers reported 2.8 million injury or illness cases in 2022. Staying abreast of these evolving workplace injury trends is imperative for fostering a safer and healthier work environment.