What injuries can occur from slip and fall accidents?

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Slip and fall accidents happen unexpectedly. When someone takes a tumble, it can lead to an injury ranging from mild to severe.

Recognizing the types of possible harm resulting from these mishaps is beneficial. Awareness reminds everyone why it is worth focusing on the prevention of possible slips and falls on residential and commercial properties.

Sprains and strains

Hitting the ground with force sometimes ends in a sprain or strain. During a fall, ligaments and muscles can stretch or tear. Ankle sprains and wrist strains are common in such incidents.


Broken wrists, arms, hips or legs may happen when someone falls. Severity varies greatly, with some fractures requiring casts or surgical intervention. According to WebMD, the average recovery takes between six and eight weeks.


Contusions, also known as bruises, are frequent in slip and fall cases. They occur when blood vessels beneath the skin’s surface break due to impact. While they may not be fatal, they undeniably cause pain and discomfort.

Head injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, concussions and skull fractures are deeply worrying conditions. These situations can have long-term consequences unless they receive immediate medical attention.

Back and spinal trouble

A hard fall might end in a herniated disc or spinal break. Chronic pain and limited mobility often develop from intense back issues.

Soft tissue tears

Damage to muscles, tendons or ligaments sometimes emerges from an unexpected fall. Such injuries may need intense physical therapy or even surgical intervention.

Maintaining clear pathways and wearing appropriate footwear help reduce the frequency of slip and fall incidents. The usefulness of a widespread safety campaign should be obvious.