What can you do when confronted by aggressive drivers?

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Drivers exhibiting combative behavior on the road can trigger deadly consequences. Delaware law recognizes such unsafe driving conduct as “aggressive driving.”

Aggressive drivers are involved in a series of three or more violations. These traffic offenses may include speeding, tailgating, failing to yield the right of way and running red lights.

When proven, it may be punishable by fines as much as $1,000, imprisonment of not more than 60 days, loss of driving privileges, and completion of the required behavior modification or attitudinal driving course.

While you cannot fully predict other drivers’ hostile actions, you have control over yours during a confrontation.

Keeping yourself safe against aggressive driving

If you find yourself driving alongside an aggressive driver, you must try everything to remove yourself from the situation. Things may quickly escalate if you make eye contact and let your pride take over. Instead, the state’s Office of Highway Safety advocates that you:

  • Find the nearest rest area or any secure spot to call 911
  • Take note of the description you can provide authorities – license plate, the direction where the car is heading, color or model of the vehicle, and other distinguishing features
  • Ignore the driver’s provoking gestures and focus on driving defensively
  • Activate your car’s safety features, like wearing your seat belt appropriately to mitigate a potential crash’s impact

If you witnessed an aggressive driver causing a tragic collision, you may still follow the same steps while maintaining a safe distance.

Addressing road aggression calmly

When confronted by an aggressive driver, the last thing you should do is to match their violent energy and take matters into your own hands. Legal representation can always give you peace of mind amid life-threatening circumstances.