What makes your car likely to rollover in a deadly crash?

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Before purchasing your car, you must have checked its security systems countless times. Unfortunately, no amount of safety inspection can make you immune to unforeseen road dangers.

A rollover crash is particularly lethal because the car tips or flips over, possibly ejecting its occupants. Per Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there were 7,640 reported rollover fatalities across the country in 2021, with 76% accounting for cases with a pre-rollover impact and no prior impact for the remaining 24%.

While you cannot predict when a rollover crash literally and figuratively turns your world upside down, you can prevent it through proactive measures, beginning with learning about your car’s design and features. 

Factors contributing to a rollover crash

Given a specific mix of circumstances, any car can end up in a deadly rollover crash. But specific factors increase the likelihood of others more than the rest.

  • Center of gravity: The center of gravity is any object’s balancing point that causes stability. So, the lower it is, the more stable your car becomes. On the other hand, taller cars, like sports utility vehicles, are more likely to lose their balance and overturn.
  • Tire grip: Excessive tire traction can cause your car to go sideways and eventually roll on its side.
  • Track width: A narrow range, like the space between your car tires, decreases a solid base, making quick maneuvers more difficult.

Aside from car-related issues, it may mean the difference between life and death if you also look out for other factors that could affect your safety. Inclement weather inducing slippery roads, construction sites with inadequate warnings and unsecured road debris are common hazards. Another negligent driver, possibly intoxicated, drowsy, or violating Delaware vehicle registration and other traffic rules, can also be behind your accident.

Minimizing risk one driver at a time

If you still become a rollover crash victim despite your best efforts at minimizing risks, you must speak with a legal counsel to discuss your options for seeking accountability. This way, you are addressing your piles of medical expenses and other losses, and helping make the roads safer by confronting one negligent driver at a time.