Looking at work-related accident risks teachers face

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Whether you teach adults or young children, you need to understand the different occupational hazards that you face as an educator. Some people do not focus on job-related risks that teachers encounter because they believe that teaching is relatively safe. Although other fields have higher rates of occupational injuries, teachers do face a number of different risks in the workplace.

An accident at work could leave you seriously hurt and you might have to take time off or stop working indefinitely, resulting in financial and emotional hardships. Reviewing the risks that you could encounter as a teacher is crucial.

Accidents involving teachers occur for various reasons

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics goes over workplace accident risks involving teachers. According to the BLS, teachers can sustain injuries and even lose their lives as a result of various on-the-job hazards, such as transportation-related accidents, violence and overexertion.

Many work-related accidents involving teachers occur due to slipping, falling or tripping. Coming into contact with equipment or objects can cause injuries, as well as exposure to dangerous substances.

Moving forward after a work-related accident

If you sustained an injury while teaching, it is vital to closely examine the details of the accident and develop a comprehensive understanding of your options. Depending on what occurred, you could have the ability to receive benefits through workers’ compensation. These benefits could assist with different aspects of the recovery process, whether you have difficulty covering medical costs, dealing with lost wages or need to train for work in another field.

If you decide to pursue workers’ comp following an on-the-job accident as a teacher, make sure you review the details of the incident and the application process carefully.