What are some scenarios that lead to slip and falls?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Personal Injury |

One of the best ways to avoid slip and falls is to understand the common ways they occur. Most of these instances are completely preventable.

The National Safety Council explains no matter where a fall occurs or under what conditions they occur, it is possible to prevent most of them from happening by taking certain steps. It starts with knowing the scenarios that often lead to these accidents.

Weather-related issues

The weather is often to blame for slip-and-fall situations. Wet floors resulting from snow and rain pose one of the biggest risks for someone to go down. The preventative measures that can help avoid accidents include regular maintenance to keep floors dry, rugs to absorb moisture and warning signs about slippery surfaces.

Clutter or obstacles

Anything that could obscure a walkway is a hazard that could cause a slip and fall. Whether it is cluttered floors, uneven surfaces, electrical cords or other obstacles, these hazards should never exist. They are easy to clean and provide a clear walkway that does not encourage falls.

Lighting problems

Another common scenario that leads to falls is a lack of good lighting. When people cannot see where they are walking or stepping, it increases the chances of an accident. Proper lighting should clearly illuminate walking paths and areas. Installing lights and ensuring they work properly can really decrease falls.

Falls are one preventable accident, but they continue to happen too often. Some smart moves can erase the most common scenarios leading to many of these incidents.