What are signs that a knee injury needs medical attention?

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Falling down can be a serious matter. After a tumble, some people hit their knees against solid ground. If you hurt one or both of your knees after falling, pay attention to your injuries. You may be in need of medical treatment.

Some people only suffer a slight knee injury that does not require a trip to the doctor. However, factors such as your age, existing health and severity of your injury might result in disability, persistent pain or an infection. Healthline describes some warning signs that your knee injury is nothing to take lightly.

Signs of a torn ligament

Falling on your knee could tear some of the ligaments attached to it. Hearing a popping sound while falling is a possible early indicator. If you try to apply weight on the knee later on, it may feel wobbly or give way. Additional symptoms can include swelling and pain.

Infection symptoms

Your body may become infected due to an open wound, and a knee injury is no exception. One way to detect a possible infection is to feel your knee for warmth. Keep in mind that a warm knee could also indicate bursitis or inflammation resulting from muscle or tendon injuries.

Other infection signs include a knee that turns red or swells. In some cases, an infection generates pus from an injury site.

Continuous bleeding

Some knee injuries are simple cuts that do not bleed much or stop bleeding after the application of pressure. However, bleeding that persists for longer than several minutes might need emergency medical assistance.

Whatever your situation may be after a knee injury, a proper medical evaluation may be important. You should know if you need treatment to prevent disability and regain your quality of life.