How can businesses prevent slip and fall accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Building owners have a duty to maintain safe, secure premises for all guests on their property. When this comes to commercial establishments, that means taking steps to prevent customer accidents and injuries.

As for slip and fall accidents, it is up to business owners to ensure their property contains no potential hazards. Accordingly, the following are a few steps businesses can take to reduce the risk of injury.

Address potential issues quickly

Timeliness is key to keeping customers safe at shopping establishments. For example, business owners must make fixes to parking lot potholes immediately or they risk harming a customer who is on their way inside the store. In the same respect, business owners must act quickly when it comes to interior flooring. That entails repairing carpet and tile expediently to prevent tripping.

Survey the property regularly

In addition to addressing known issues, business owners should also survey the establishment for new issues. Slippery, non-textured flooring, cracked steps, problems with railings, and many other factors can all contribute to an unsafe environment. By regularly surveying the area, it’s possible to prevent accidents from affecting customers.

Ensure proper lighting

Lighting is another important factor in deterring slips and falls in commercial spaces. Dim, inadequate lighting reduces visibility, which can easily cause people to trip as they make their way through the building. Lighting should be sufficient for people to safely see in front of them. This is especially important in parking lots, where poor lighting can create unsafe conditions for customers.

When business owners neglect proper care and upkeep in their buildings, they put customers at significant risk. And if a customer becomes injured as a result, they could potentially file a lawsuit against the business for its lack of care.