Fog and traffic accident risk factors

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Weather could increase the chances of you becoming involved in a traffic accident in various ways. From heavy rain and snow to ice and wind, there are various weather-related risk factors to recognize behind the wheel (and before you drive). It is especially important to understand how fog can cause a collision and take steps to stay safe on the road.

Sadly, accidents that occur as a result of foggy weather claim many lives and result in a significant number of injuries each year.

Statistics on fog and car accidents

The Federal Highway Administration reports that on an annual basis, traffic accidents that occur as a result of fog lead to over 16,300 people becoming injured and more than 600 losing their lives. In fact, the FHWA states that over 38,700 traffic collisions occur during foggy conditions every year.

Accident risks associated with fog

It is important to understand how fog can increase the chances of a crash. For starters, fog can prevent a driver from seeing the road. During heavy fog, drivers could lose the ability to see other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and hazards in front of them. In addition, poor visibility due to fog can lead to speed variance. When vehicles travel at significantly different speeds, such as someone driving very slowly due to fog, a collision becomes more likely.

Sadly, some reckless drivers speed, drive drunk or text behind the wheel, and these behaviors are especially dangerous during bad weather. If a driver’s negligence caused you to suffer an injury during foggy conditions, try to gather as much evidence as possible.