When third parties contribute to a workplace injury

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

In this day and age, it seems strange that any employer would ignore worker safety. Both productivity and profits are high — this type of negligence is almost unthinkable.

However, employers do not have the sole responsibility for keeping the workplace safe. This article will examine some things that would be outside of an employer’s control.

Strict oversight

There are multiple regulatory bodies that oversee workplace safety; OSHA is one of the most recognizable. There are also some non-government controls, including the economic benefits of a healthy workforce. Insurers might even offer cheaper plans for companies that prove they operate safely.

Injuries out of employer control

Workplace safety is a complex issue with multiple parties involved. Apart from plant operators, there are also all of the equipment manufacturers of the machines used in the industry. Even the contractors and business partners that visit the site or interact with employees could be responsible for an injury.

Third-party lawsuits

If one of these third parties is responsible in any way for an employee injury, that might become grounds for a civil lawsuit. These lawsuits are outside the realm of workers’ compensation.

For example, if a poorly manufactured piece of personal protective gear allowed a fall, the manufacturer of that gear might have some liability. The same could be true of an injury that the faulty gear made worse.

Safety first

Avoiding injury is better for everybody involved, but it is also important to make sure that responsible parties pay what they owe. This is part of the continuing effort to make American workplaces more secure and more profitable for everybody involved.