How can I convince a loved one to move to assisted living?

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Most Americans, when asked, express a desire to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. However, as they age, this may not be in everybody’s best interests. If you have a loved one that would benefit from assisted living but is resistant, this can be a stressful subject.

However, in most cases, enough patience can help everybody come to an amenable agreement on the matter. Many older Americans picture old-fashioned “old folks’ homes” when somebody mentions “assisted living,” and today’s modern centers are very different. Highlighting the benefits of assisted living and arranging a family meeting can help ease this difficult conversation.

The benefits of assisted living

Assisted living is exactly that: assistance. The idea is that seniors retain as much independence as possible, with a level of help for specific tasks. Plus, it will remove tedious tasks from their lives: there is no yard to take care of and no requirement to cook. However, if your loved one takes enjoyment in these activities, most centers offer gardening as a recreation option, and it is often possible to rent apartments with private kitchens.

Family meeting

If your family is close, having a group chat about the situation might be helpful. Do not approach this as if you have already made the decision for your loved one; rather, make it an open conversation where everybody can air their concerns. You may also make headway with a third party, such as a spiritual leader, doctor or family friend, if family itself has no impact.

Making the move to an assisted living facility is difficult. However, the right approaches can help steer everybody in the right direction.