Delaware’s I-95 work zone crashes rose 49% between 2019, 2021

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Auto Accidents |

While road construction is necessary to keep Delaware’s roadways safe and its new communities connected, it also creates numerous hazards for motorists. Many drivers feel anxious when navigating the state’s work zones, and with good reason. Research shows that the number of car accidents occurring in the state’s work zones is rising rapidly, raising questions about what is causing the uptick and what might transportation officials might do to reduce crashes in these areas.

According to, the Delaware Department of Transportation is ramping up enforcement efforts in construction areas to help combat the sharp rise in work zone car crashes.

How often crashes occur in Delaware work zones

In 2021, 423 car wrecks occurred in Delaware’s work zones. This is a 49% increase over the number of work zone car wrecks seen in 20219. This is true despite the fact that authorities have begun issuing more warnings to drivers breaking laws in these areas. Since authorities initiated a pilot program aimed at enhancing safety in construction zones, they have issued more than 24,000 citations in these areas.

What contributes to crashes in Delaware work zones

Many work zone car accidents result from the same circumstances. While visual obstructions, unclear detours and unusual traffic patterns may contribute to some degree, driver negligence is also a frequent factor in work zone car wrecks. Speeding, driving while distracted and driving too closely behind other vehicles are among the top causes of construction zone car crashes.

Motorists whose actions or negligence injures others in Delaware work zones may face a host of potential repercussions.