What does hip fracture recovery look like?

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If you or a loved one suffered a hip fracture, the recovery could become a long process. A hip fracture is one of the most dangerous and common injuries resulting from a slip and fall.

According to MayoClinic, most hip fractures occur in two different locations: the intertrochanteric region and the femoral neck. The intertrochanteric region is in the portion of the upper femur that juts forward. On the other hand, the femoral neck is the upper portion of the femur below the ball and socket joint.

Surgical procedures

Many patients have to undergo surgery to repair a hip fracture. The type of surgery, however, depends on the severity of the break, underlying health conditions and your age. To perform an internal repair, doctors will insert screws into the bone to hold it together while it heals. Sometimes, the doctor may also install a metal plate connecting to the femur. A partial hip replacement is for adults who do not have the socket replaced. Often, the doctor may suggest a partial replacement if you have underlying conditions or do not live independently.

The surgeon replaces the upper femur and socket in total hip replacement. A total hip replacement may have better long-term outcomes if you live independently.

Rehabilitation options

After surgery for a hip fracture, you will require physical therapy. Initially, the focus of your treatment will be to increase your range of motion and strength. Some physical therapy can occur at home, but you may have to go to an extended care facility for severe fractures or invasive operations. In an extended care facility, you learn how to reclaim your independence and perform daily tasks, like bathing, cooking and dressing.

During and following recovery, you may have to use mobility aids, such as wheelchairs or walkers.