How can signs of nursing home negligence seem hidden at first?

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When your loved one finds a nursing home they like, you may feel a rush of relief. However, in the time after they move in and get settled, you may notice some signs that the staff is treating them poorly.

Noticing nursing home neglect is sometimes tough for people who do not know what to look for.

Strangely dirty or unclean clothes

According to the American Psychological Association, noticing the way that your loved one dresses is often a huge clue about whether or not the staff is negligent. If you see stains or dirty marks on their shirts or pants, they may not get regular changes of clothes.

Older people often need additional help to get dressed and when they do not get this assistance, their hygiene can suffer. If the staff ignores them, they may sit in dirty clothes for days at a time.

Nervous reactions

When a staff member enters the room and you notice your loved one tense up, you may wonder if this is a sign of a bigger issue. Emotional neglect often includes the staff berating or ignoring older residents who cannot complete daily tasks themselves.

Since these older people are reliant on the staff to help them, they may not criticize them directly to you.

Complaints of hunger or thirst

Your loved one may also show signs of not getting enough to regularly eat or drink. Casual complaints or mentions of a dry mouth or noises coming from a rumbling stomach can indicate that they are not receiving proper meals.

Understanding how these details can point to nursing home negligence can help you if suspect there is a problem.