Could an overactive bladder lead to nursing home falls?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Nursing Home Negligence |

As a person ages, he or she may find the need to use the bathroom more often. Many people have to get up during the night, sometimes, multiple times, to use the restroom.

U.S. News and World Report explains getting in and out of bed increases the risk of a fall for older individuals in a nursing home environment. So, an overactive bladder could make your loved one’s chances of a serious accident go up.

The risk of falls

The biggest issue is that falls for older people can be especially dangerous. Brittle bones can make breaks happen easily. There is also the potential for head injuries or other serious complications resulting from the fall. And the elderly have a much harder time healing after a severe injury, especially a break.

Adjust the space

The nursing home should make accommodations that will help your loved one move about more safely during nighttime bathroom trips. You can check in to make sure your loved one has a clear, obstruction-free path to the bathroom. Ensure it is well-lit or that your loved one has easy access to a light. If your loved one has stability issues, ensure there is a walker or other aid available.

Seek help

An overactive bladder could be a sign of other issues. You should have your loved one consult a health care provider to rule out any potential other problems that could be aggravating the condition.

Taking every step possible to avoid a nighttime fall is essential to the health of your loved one. Always hold the nursing home accountable for helping to keep him or her safe by accommodating the nighttime bathroom needs.