Can concussions affect temperament?

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After suffering from a blow to the head, a victim may develop a traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries can include concussions, which happen due to the concussive damage of the brain hitting the interior of the skull.

The impact of these injuries can last for months or even years. On top of that, some of the impacts that people find hardest to deal with barely ever get proper discussion, such as the impact on a victim’s temperament.

Changes after a frontal concussion

Medline Plus discusses traumatic brain injuries in car crash victims. Specifically, it is important to look at how TBIs impact all areas of a victim’s life, including even their personality.

These changes happen most often in victims who get concussed with a hit to the front of the head. The frontal lobe contains the controls for a person’s impulse control, as well as their anger.

Thus, victims who take a blow to that area will find their temperament changing temporarily. Many will seem easier to anger or irritate. Others may appear to take up a perpetually bad or grumpy mood. It also becomes harder for these people to control what they say or do, making them more likely to pick a fight with others.

Struggles of victims and their loved ones

Loved ones often find these changes among the hardest to deal with, saying that they do not even recognize the victim anymore. It can have a tremendous negative impact on the psyche of the victim as well, as they struggle to recognize themselves.

Fortunately, in most cases, the impact will wear off with time. But some have to live with the changes throughout their life, causing numerous hurdles as they go.