What should you do immediately after an auto accident?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Auto Accidents |

Since there are many ways that an auto accident can happen, you may find yourself unsure of what to do next after a crash.

Taking steps to keep yourself and others safe, as well as collect the right information, is vital in the time following a crash.

Take note of who is around

According to the AARP, the best way to prevent further physical injuries is to make sure that no one is suffering from any problems as soon as possible. Talking to the passengers in your car and the other driver involved in the accident is important.

You may need to call an ambulance or the police if you notice signs of a serious concussion or spinal cord and brain trauma.

Snap some pictures

Before you move your car out of the way of traffic, take a few pictures of the area around it and the damage on it. Having proof of what it looked like immediately after the crash is often vital to show your insurance company.

Do not forget to have photos of the road and any skid marks that led up to the exact area of the collision.

Swap information and names

After you and anyone else around you are safe, make sure to exchange relevant information. Write down the other driver’s name and home address, as well as their phone number, so that you both can find each other after you leave the scene.

Taking the time to follow a few steps right after an auto accident can help you relax and prepare for what comes next.