Road rage on the rise across Delaware, the nation

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More motorists across Delaware and the nation are exhibiting road rage behind the wheel. Road rage-related incidents involving firearms are also on the rose across the country. Researchers believe that there are a variety of different factors contributing to the uptick, and safety advocates are making recommendations for how drivers might work to keep themselves and their passengers safer while out on the roads.

According to Healthline, there were 728 reported road rage incidents across the nation in 2021. There were 702 such incidents the year prior. Also, the number of people who suffered injuries or died in road rage incidents involving firearms doubled in recent years, rising from an average of 22 deaths and injuries per year from 2016 to 2020 to 42 such deaths and injuries in 2020 and 2021.

Factors contributing to road rage

Many believe that new financial, social and professional stresses brought on by the events of the past few years are contributing to the increase in road rage across the nation. When more drivers feel frustration, they become more inclined to express those frustrations while driving. Some also attribute the rise in gun-related road rage incidents to the “weak” gun laws seen in some parts of the country.

Ways to handle when other drivers exhibit road rage

Motorists may be able to reduce their chances of involvement in road rage-related incidents by refusing to engage with aggressive drivers. Exercising tolerance and leaving plenty of room between vehicles may also help.

Drivers who exhibit road rage, and cause crashes as a result, may face sanctions in the aftermath.