What symptoms after a concussion may last?

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Slipping and falling may result in a concussion. Some people experience symptoms that go away quickly or in about a week. However, sometimes this is not the case. There are slip and fall patients who end up with symptoms that go on beyond the usual recovery period.

The Mayo Clinic explains that concussion symptoms that persist for a long period may constitute post-concussion syndrome. This does not always happen because your concussion was severe. Any concussion patient should be vigilant for health problems that persist for weeks and even months.


Head pain is one of the more obvious post-concussion symptoms. Headaches caused by a concussion can vary in intensity and may take the form of migraines or tension-caused aches. If you feel a tension-caused headache, you might check your neck for injury since neck injuries may happen at the same time as a concussion.

Problems with personal energy

A concussion can interfere with your energy level in different ways. You might feel fatigued during the day when you usually feel full of energy, and you may end up taking naps or sleeping longer. Conversely, your concussion may make it hard to go to sleep, resulting in insomnia.

Problems with senses

Suffering from post-concussion syndrome may mean that you have problems with your senses. Your ears may ring or you have blurry vision. You could feel more sensitive to sound and light. In uncommon cases, concussion patients experience a loss of taste or smell.

Cognitive and emotional distress

Post-concussion syndrome does not only produce physical symptoms. Some people experience problems with their memory or cannot concentrate as well as they used to. You might also suffer emotional distress like anxiety, depression or anger, even when such emotions do not seem prompted by anything.

If you have recently experienced a concussion following a fall, consulting with a doctor may help you understand your risk of long-term symptoms and what to do if you experience them. You should have a good outlook of your future medical costs as they may factor into any compensation you receive for your injury.