Beware of icy parking lots in winter

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In the winter, the sheer number of paved surfaces becomes instantly notable due to the fact that almost every single one can slick up and ice over after a particularly cold, wet night.

Naturally, any slick surface provides danger in the form of slipping, whether it is indoors or outdoors. But outdoor slipping hazards, especially parking lots, often hold much greater risk for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Risks of slippery pavement

Keystone Health discusses the potential dangers of a parking lot in winter. When the asphalt ices over, people walking to and from their cars can easily slip and fall. This can cause major damage, including broken bones or head injuries, especially since many slip and fall victims will land on their hips or hit their heads on the ground.

It also poses a danger to drivers. It is possible for cars to lose traction on an icy road, causing them to slide into other vehicles. They may even fail to break because of the ice and end up hitting pedestrians trying to cross the street.

The risk of black ice serves as an additional danger, too. It is impossible or difficult to see this ice with the naked eye, meaning someone could think an area is safe and dry when it is actually covered in ice.

Who takes care of these hazards?

Note that many of these hazards get cut down or even entirely eliminated if the owners of the property react to ice in the parking lot in a timely fashion. Usually, this means the store owner or manager laying down deicer, salt or sand to help with traction. If you entered a parking lot that did not have proper management and slipped because of it, you may want to contact legal aid, as you could have a case on your hands.