Statistics on work-related injuries

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Whether you work in construction, drive a commercial vehicle or even work in an office, it is important to understand the many different risks you face on the job. Moreover, you should go over statistics on work-related injuries in order to understand how widespread these accidents are and remember to keep an eye out for safety while working.

Sadly, even the most cautious workers can find themselves in accidents. If a job-related injury has turned your life upside down, make sure you go over your options.

Reviewing data on work-related injuries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that during 2019, 2.8 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses occurred in workplaces across the country, based on reports from employers in the private sector. Private-sector employers reported the same number of injuries during 2018. Moreover, more than 888,000 of these injuries and illnesses prompted workers to take time off work.

Occupations that see many work-related injuries

The BLS points out that there are 10 occupations that made up for 33.2% of private-sector worker injuries that caused workers to take time off during 2019. These include nursing assistants, nurses, truck drivers, laborers, repair workers, stockers, cleaners and retail workers. If you work in one of these fields, it is important to remain vigilant. Even if you work in a different field, you have to identify potential hazards and focus on accident prevention.

In the wake of a job-related injury, you need to look into resources that could help you move forward. For example, workers’ compensation helps eligible accident victims receive various benefits.