How can you treat a hip fracture?

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When you think of a slip and fall, you may not think of serious injuries, but the reality is that a slip and fall can have catastrophic results. In fact, hip fractures are a common result of falling.

According to Mayo Clinic, hip fractures are highly likely to occur in the femoral neck or the intertrochanteric region. Treatment and rehabilitation for hip fractures are intensive.

How to treat a hip fracture

Your treatment depends on the hip fracture. Generally, you require surgery if you suffer a break in your hip. You may undergo a partial hip replacement, total hip replacement or internal repair.

A partial hop replacement requires removing the head and neck of the femur and installing a metal replacement. In a total hip replacement, the surgeon replaces your socket and upper femur with a prosthesis. Internal repair, on the other hand, involves using metal screws to hold the bone together.

For those with damaged blood supplies because of the break, doctors may recommend total or partial replacements.

How to regain strength after a hip fracture

After surgery, your medical team may help you get out of bed to move around. You will require physical therapy to help with your range of motion. It can also help you gain more strength. Your surgery type determines whether you will require a caregiver at home to help you. Some breaks require you to leave the hospital and enter an extended care facility.

Rehabilitation from a hip fracture teaches you how to function again. You learn how to bathe, dress and cook while also learning any mobility aids you may require.