Where is the riskiest place for slips in the grocery store?

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Summer and fall are excellent times to shop for fresh produce at your neighborhood market. While you may expect to encounter slippery floors during inclement winter weather, summer and fall may also make your grocery store’s produce section hazardous.

Grocery store owners and their employees have a duty to provide a safe shopping environment for customers. If workers do not take steps to protect you, you may suffer a catastrophic injury in a slip-and-fall accident.

When is dropped produce dangerous?

Unlike other parts of the grocery store where goods come in contained packages, the produce section may have loose fruits and vegetables. If someone drops a grape, onion or any other items, you may trip and fall. Likewise, smashed fruit and vegetables may make a market’s tile or concrete floor abnormally slippery.

How do produce misters endanger you?

According to reporting from Mental Floss, grocers use misters to increase the weight of produce, ultimately forcing you to pay more for fruits and vegetables. Water droplets may also make fruits and vegetables more appealing to customers. Still, if a misting system is not in tip-top shape, it may spray or drip water onto the floor.

Why should workers alert you to dangers?

Produce workers should regularly inspect floors for slip, trip and fall hazards. In a busy market, though, workers may not be able to remove these hazards immediately. Nevertheless, they should erect signage to keep customers clear of danger.

When you are shopping for produce, it can be difficult to keep an eye on the floor beneath your feet. Ultimately, if you suffer a serious injury in the produce section, you may be eligible for financial compensation to help you pay your mounting medical bills.