Crashes involving teen drivers spike during 100 Deadliest Days

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Teenagers across Delaware admit to having engaged in dangerous driving behaviors at higher rates than adult drivers. They also lack the experience older drivers have. Teens also lack structure and routine during the summertime, giving them more time to spend out on the roads. These are among the many reasons the stretch of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, when more teen drivers are out driving, is a particularly dangerous time to be on the road.

According to Delaware Public Radio, the span that occurs between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year is so dangerous that many call it summer’s 100 Deadliest Days.

100 Deadliest Days crash statistics

Between 2018 and 2019, more than 7,000 highway fatalities took place during the 100 Deadliest Days. This amounts to more than seven road deaths per day during the summer months, which is an increase over all other times of the year. Many of the road fatalities and crash injuries drivers and passengers sustain during the summertime result from similar circumstances.

Teen driving behavior statistics

A 2019 traffic study revealed that more than 70% of drivers between 16 and 18 years of age engage in behaviors behind the wheel that endanger others. Behaviors many teens admitted to in the study included texting behind the wheel, driving aggressively, speeding 10 or 15 mph over the posted speed limits and running red lights, among others.

Parents of teen motorists may be able to encourage their teens to drive more safely by modeling responsible driving behaviors. They may also consider limiting when their kids may drive, and with whom.