Teach teenage employees to avoid slip-and-falls

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Slips and falls can happen anywhere, but they may be especially prevalent inside restaurants. Many teenagers work in food service for their first job. Restaurant managers need to make sure that their youngest and most inexperienced employees know how to maintain a safe work environment.

According to Restaurant Technologies, slips-and-falls result in 20% of the injuries that people sustain in restaurants. Most of these accidents take place in front of fryer vats and sinks after employees spill grease or water. Most injuries to teenage employees occur because they slipped and fell on wet floors. These young workers may not understand some of the hazards in their workplace if managers do not emphasize safety.

Provide a safe workplace

One of the ways that managers can prevent slips and falls is to take all the necessary steps to keep their restaurant safe. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, people can prevent slip-and-falls by putting non-slip mats in front of sinks. Managers may need to use a non-skid wax in front of fryer vats. Additionally, people should put up wet floor signs as soon as someone spills a liquid and keep them up until the floor is dry.

Teach safe work practices

Managers should make sure that their young employees wipe up spills as soon as they happen, even if the employee did not cause the spill. Additionally, teenage workers need to understand that they should never run in the kitchen.

Young workers can also avoid falls by wearing the right shoes to work. Managers should make sure that teens wear non-slip, waterproof shoes. Teenagers should not wear open-toed or canvas shoes because these kinds of footwear do not provide the protection people need if they spill a hot liquid.

If managers take the right precautions, they can ensure that teenage employees know how to keep their work environment clean and safe.