Review Delaware’s texting and driving laws

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

Delaware has prohibited texting and driving since 2011 in response to the increase in accidents related to device distractions. According to the state’s Arrive Alive Delaware campaign, drivers who text behind the wheel are six times more likely to cause a serious collision than intoxicated drivers. They also take an average of 13 seconds to refocus on the road after simply glancing at a device. 

Be aware of the dangers associated with distracted driving to help prevent debilitating and fatal auto accidents. 

Prohibited actions

The state’s distracted driving law bans handheld use of video games, laptops, cellphones and smartphones behind the wheel. Motorists may not use the internet or read, write or send electronic messages while operating a vehicle. Arrive Alive Delaware reports that more than 2,800 fatalities resulted from driver device use in 2018 alone. 

Other types of distractions

Smartphone use isn’t the only dangerous driving distraction. Accidents can occur when drivers reach for fallen items, converse with passengers, change the music, check their GPS navigation, look for an item in a purse or wallet, or interact with children or pets in the vehicle. Events outside the vehicle such as auto accident scenes can also distract drivers. 

Drivers who receive a texting ticket in Delaware will receive a $100 fine for the first offense and $200 to $300 for subsequent offenses. When a motorist causes a serious auto accident injury, the injured person can file a legal claim for medical bills, lost wages and other associated costs. He or she has three years to file this type of lawsuit in Delaware.