One dead in single-car accident in Georgetown

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

Many in Wilmington may not think that liability is an issue in a car accident involving only a single vehicle. Yet when an accident involves both a driver and a passenger, the actions of the driver can often come under scrutiny. 

Seeking compensation following a single-car accident can be both difficult and awkward. The difficulty comes from making the distinction between the risks a passengers accepts when agreeing to travel as a passenger in a vehicle and the blatantly negligent actions of a driver. Awkwardness also plays a factor in that passengers typically have established relationships with the drivers transporting them (and taking legal action against a friend or acquaintance is never easy). 

Accident on Sand Hill Road kills passenger

Yet in many instances, the circumstances of an accident may mandate that accident victims (or their families) take action. A recent single-car accident in Georgetown may ultimately lead to such an outcome. The passenger in the vehicle died from injuries sustained after the vehicle lost control and hit a tree. The driver also received treatment for injuries, yet they reportedly were not life-threatening. Law enforcement authorities have yet to determine what caused the driver to lose control of the car, yet they do no believe that impairment was a factor. 

Assigning liability for negligent or reckless driving

Impairment may not be the only reckless or negligent action a driver can engage in, however. Driving at excessive speeds or engaging in distracting activities can also produce devastating consequences, and each demonstrate an indifference to the safety of others. Such an indifference may merit a liability claim. Yet as was previously mentioned, pursuing such a claim may not be easy. Having reliable legal representation, however, may make it somewhat easier.