What is personal injury protection?

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Personal injury protection in Delaware should make the injury claims process easier. Unfortunately, things do not always work out as well in practice as they seem they should in theory.

The fact remains that you must carry this insurance to cover losses in the event of a crash. Please continue reading for some details of this program.

PIP coverage

This state is one of several that require no-fault insurance for personal injuries. However, even among PIP states, there are some differences in the regulations. As per the Delaware Department of Human Resources, here are the main details of the PIP program:

  • Mandatory for all vehicles with registration in the state of Delaware
  • Maximum coverage of $15,000 per person or $30,000 for all people in a vehicle in a single accident, plus $5,000 funeral expenses

Rules for coverage

Delaware has a relatively long time limit to make a claim under a PIP policy: Two years. You could also elect for higher levels of coverage, as the $15,000 minimum does not do much to cover the losses involved in most cases of catastrophic injuries.

Civil lawsuits

Your PIP policy could give you access to the healthcare you need to recover from minor injuries. It could also provide a stopgap measure as you pursue compensation from responsible parties for losses that exceed the limits of your policy.

The fact that Delaware is a no-fault state does not prevent you from seeking damages in court. In fact, insurance companies routinely use this assumption to diminish claims or avoid them altogether. Please ensure that any insurance deal is in your best interest before signing anything.