Homeowners and their liability for injuries

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When someone gets hurt on their property, homeowners may wonder if they are responsible. Their responsibility usually depends on the situation.

Homeowners have to make sure their property is safe for guests. FindLaw says that people may be liable for a guest’s injuries if they did not attempt to remove hazards from their property. If people knew their driveway was uneven or cracked but did not fix it, for example, they may be responsible if someone trips and falls. However, if homeowners put up signs alerting guests to the hazard and a guest did not exercise caution, then they may not be liable.

Sometimes awareness determines whether homeowners are responsible. People may be liable for a guest’s injuries if they knew about a hazard but did not fix the situation. However, they may not be responsible if they did not know that a situation might cause injuries.

Who is a guest?

A homeowner’s responsibility also depends on the identity of the people on their property. If homeowners invite people over, such as friends or contractors, they have to ensure the premises are safe. A trespasser, however, is not an invited guest. People may not be responsible if someone enters their property without permission and incurs an injury.

How can homeowners protect guests?

People can take several steps to make their property safe for guests. According to Geico, homeowners can protect guests by maintaining their property. If people know uneven ground or a cracked walkway might cause guests to trip, they should remove these hazards. Homeowners should also keep their yard free of clutter. Additionally, people should put a fence around their swimming pool so guests do not fall in by accident or slip on wet pavement.