Multiple accidents on I-95 leads to serious injuries

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Some roads in Delaware seems to see more accidents than others. Sometimes, the road is dangerous due to curves, hills, hidden entrances or tricky intersections. Other times, the issue with the road is not that it is inherently dangerous due to design but that it is a busy roadway. An increase in traffic on a roadway opens up the potential for more accidents. 

I-95 is one of the roads that sees a tremendous amount of traffic. It is not uncommon for multiple accidents to occur. In many cases, there is a chain reaction where one accident leads to other accidents. This appears to be what happened on March 20, 2020. 

The first accident 

The first accident occurring on the morning of March 20th had no injuries even though it was serious. A large truck was in an accident on I-95 very early in the morning around 3:30 a.m. There was only property damage in the accident. However, the truck did catch on fire. This led to some backups later in the morning because it took some time to clear the scene. 

The second accident 

The second accident occurred later in the morning as traffic backed up due to the first crash. Drivers had to remain alert as traffic slowed down in several areas to adjust to the back up from the early morning incident. A semi reacting to traffic slowing ahead began breaking and a vehicle behind him did not react properly, resulting in a rear-end collision. 

Crews from the first accident who were beginning to leave the scene ending up passing by as the second accident happened. In this accident, the driver of the vehicle ended up going to the hospital with serious injuries. 

After the second incident, officials had to essentially shut down the roadway for about five hours to clean up the scenes of both accidents before traffic could begin moving normally again. 

Source: WDEL