Can you stop slips and falls before they happen?

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You may know that trips, slips and falls are a hazard in the workplace. However, you may not realize that these accidents can be serious and have far-reaching consequences. It is important for you to know the facts about slip and fall accidents and understand what you can do to keep yourself safe at work. 

You may not think that a slip and fall accident can result in serious injuries. According to, people usually take 11 sick days on average after slipping and falling at work. When people file a workers’ compensation claim, about 12-15% of these claims concern a slip and fall accident. Additionally, these incidents can be fatal. Falls, trips and slips resulted in the deaths of 849 people in 2016. 

Know how to prevent trips and slips 

It may surprise you to learn that simple steps can help ensure you do not slip or trip at work. Sometimes you may trip or slip because you do not see obstacles in your path. It is a good idea to make sure the hallways in your workplace are well-lit. You may also want to speak to your supervisor about improving the lighting at a building’s entrances. Additionally, water on the floor may cause you and your colleagues to slip. It is important to wipe up spills as soon as they happen. It may be easier to prevent slips and trips if your workplace has a good organization system. If you and your colleagues do not know where to put certain pieces of equipment, these items may stack up in walkways and become a hazard. 

Know the basics of fall protection 

If you have to use a ladder during the day, it is important to make sure you use this tool correctly. Fall protection violations are number one on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s list of workplace safety violations. To prevent a fall, it is a good idea to follow your company guidelines concerning ladders and stepstools. It is also important to use caution when you use the stairs or walk near unprotected openings.