Are some auto accidents an act of violence?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

When a car crashes into another vehicle or strikes a pedestrian or cyclist, people often refer to the incident as an accident. Most collisions are accidental, but the things drivers do that cause crashes are often intentional, such as texting, speeding or driving aggressively. Some people believe that changing the way people talk about auto accidents is important, such as referring to them as traffic violence incidents instead.

Regardless of the accident statistics in Delaware, many believe that it is important to talk about accidents differently. There may even be some reason to believe that by changing the vocabulary used, it could change a person’s perception of vehicle collisions. In turn, this could bring more awareness and make for safer drivers. Advocates for better street and traffic safety think that using the word violence is important when describing accidents, particularly those involving a cyclist or pedestrian.

Some say that using the term accident implies that there was nothing a person could have done to prevent the collision. In reality, human error and negligence are the main reasons for most collisions. This means that most accidents are avoidable simply by putting the phone down, driving the speed limit and making smart choices.

Regardless of the terms used to talk about auto accidents, a Delaware victim has rights. Through a personal injury claim, a person may be entitled to seek monetary relief for medical bills, property damage and other losses. After an incident, those involved may find it beneficial to speak with an attorney regarding the legal options available.