Why are car accidents more common now that ever before?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2019 | Auto Accidents |

Cars are safer than ever before, and the increase of certain in-car features, such as automatic braking, has made it possible for vehicles to keep people safe when they make mistakes. Despite technology and safer, better built vehicles, car accidents are still happening at an alarming rate. In fact, these incidents are becoming more commonplace in Delaware and across the United States.

People are very connected with the idea of the open road and driving themselves from place to place. Even with public transportation available in many areas, many drivers still prefer to have an element of control over when and how they arrive at their destinations. There are more drivers on the road now, and this could play a significant role in the number of car accidents that happen.

Delaware readers may wonder why car accidents are becoming more common. Statistics indicate that in as many as 94% of accidents, human error was to blame. This can include things like distraction, reckless behavior, drunk driving and more. This is one reason why many are looking to the development and implementation of driverless vehicles. It is possible these vehicles could make the roads safer for everyone.

Regardless of why car accidents happen, victims would be wise to learn about their legal options as soon as possible. If there is grounds for a civil claim, quick action can be beneficial, as these cases are time sensitive. Through legal recourse, a victim may be able to claim compensation for his or her financial losses, medical needs, and pain and suffering.