How driver behavior affects rates of auto accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Auto Accidents |

One of the main reasons that traffic accidents happen is because drivers are not paying attention or they make a mistake while behind the wheel. One type of behavior that could impact the rate of auto accidents is zombie driving, which happens when a driver arrives at his or her destination with no recollection of what happened on the way there. When polled, over half of all drivers say they often feel like they are on autopilot when behind the wheel.

Other drivers admit to zoning out while they are behind the wheel, even multiple times per week. These numbers could indicate a rise in a troubling trend of tired or inattentive driving. In many cases, the things that cause Delaware drivers to do this are driving on familiar roads, having a lot of things on their minds and driving while tired. Cognitive distraction, which is mental distraction, can be just as dangerous as texting or scrolling social media while behind the wheel. 

Despite this trend, most drivers think they are safe. Most people overestimate their ability to multitask and underestimate the serious nature of cognitive distraction. It is critical for each Delaware driver to make the choice to be focused and aware at all times while operating a vehicle. 

Distraction is a leading cause of auto accidents, and victims do not have to suffer through the aftermath alone. If a driver was not paying attention and ended up causing another person harm, he or she is likely responsible for monetary damages. A complete assessment of the individual case can help a person understand the legal options available.