Key maintenance tips for a safer vehicle

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Though you cannot control other drivers on the road, there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of a collision. You should always follow traffic laws and drive the speed limit. In addition, you need to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicle malfunctions lead to approximately 45,000 crashes each year. Safety maintenance steps help to ensure that your vehicle will perform the way you expect in an emergency. Here are a few maintenance basics you should know.

Care for your windshield

Make sure you can see clearly out of your windshield. This means cleaning it regularly. Dirt and debris can impact visibility and increase the amount of sun glare.

Change your windshield wipers when they show signs of wear. Ineffective wipers can prevent you from seeing clearly when it is raining. Using your windshield washer system can prolong the life of your wipers and keep your windshield clean.

Check your lights

Your car’s head and tail lights allow you to see and help others see you. Brake lights and blinkers let other drivers know what to expect from you. Some vehicles have sensors that will let you know when a light is out. If your vehicle does not, have a family member or friend help you test your lights.

Change your brake pads

When your brake pads wear down, your car may take longer to come to stop. These additional seconds could be key to avoiding or preventing an accident.

There are many other maintenance considerations for automobiles. Make sure to have your vehicle checked regularly by a professional.