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Are some auto accidents an act of violence?

When a car crashes into another vehicle or strikes a pedestrian or cyclist, people often refer to the incident as an accident. Most collisions are accidental, but the things drivers do that cause crashes are often intentional, such as texting, speeding or driving aggressively. Some people believe that changing the way people talk about auto accidents is important, such as referring to them as traffic violence incidents instead.

Safety features in vehicles could be causing more auto accidents

Many newer vehicles now come with features that are intended to help drivers stay safe and lower the chance of a collision. Automatic braking systems and other driver-assist features are tools that are supposed to make the road safer, but in reality, they could be playing a role in many distraction-related auto accidents. Delaware drivers may feel impervious to dangers when they use these features, causing them to remove their attention from the road.

Auto accidents caused by distraction: Is it getting worse?

A driver's sole responsibility is to keep the focus on the task at hand. Drivers who are distracted are significantly more likely to be in auto accidents that leave others injured or killed. Mostly because of phones and technology, such as in-car features, distracted driving is one of the biggest safety concerns on Delaware roads and across the country. 

Preventing auto accidents caused by sleepy drivers

When a person is behind the wheel, his or her main priority is to focus on the road and stay vigilant to potential hazards. This can be difficult to do when the driver is sleepy. Fatigued drivers can cause auto accidents, yet many people overlook the danger associated with driving while dangerously fatigued. In fact, drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as impaired driving.

Fatal car accidents on the rise in Delaware

Recent statistics regarding traffic collisions in Delaware indicate that the number of these events, specifically those involving a fatality, are on the rise. Law enforcement has recently said that fatal car accidents across the state are increasing. While there are many reasons why car crashes happen, it is likely that distracted driving plays a significant role in this unfortunate trend.

Distracted pedestrians can increase the chance of auto accidents

When a person is not paying attention to the road while he or she is behind the wheel, it can make it more likely that he or she will be in a car accident. The same principle applies to pedestrians who are distracted while walking. Any time a person is looking at a phone, that person will pay less attention to what is going on around him or her. In cases where a person is walking near moving vehicles while texting, it can make it more likely that auto accidents will occur. 

Why are car accidents more common now that ever before?

Cars are safer than ever before, and the increase of certain in-car features, such as automatic braking, has made it possible for vehicles to keep people safe when they make mistakes. Despite technology and safer, better built vehicles, car accidents are still happening at an alarming rate. In fact, these incidents are becoming more commonplace in Delaware and across the United States.

Truck accidents and undiagnosed medical conditions

Delaware truck drivers are the behind the wheel of vehicles that are larger and heavier than other types of vehicles on the road. It is important for these men and women to be cautious and careful, as even one small mistake can result in truck accidents with terrible consequences. While human error is the reason for many of these types of collisions, some medical conditions may also be to blame.

Some vision problems can make auto accidents more likely

When a person cannot see the road clearly, it is reasonable to assume that person may have a more difficult time driving safely and avoiding hazards. In fact, certain data suggests that Delaware drivers with glaucoma may be more likely to be involved in auto accidents. This is an issue that is especially concerning for drivers over the age of 60.

Renewed proposal to reduce truck accidents through speed control

Earlier this year, a trucking safety advocacy group requested that the federal government require tractor-trailers to use speed restrictors. That request was recently acted upon by two senators, one of whom represents Delaware, who have introduced the bill to Congress. It is hoped that speed restictors will reduce serious truck accidents.  

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